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Do thermal printers need ink?


The thermal Printers doesn’t need the ink absolutely, the Thermal Printer use the thermal lines to print it, it just need a thermal paper, it will be printing very clear.  If you want to know why don’t need ink,  but can print the characters on it, you want understand the thermal Printer work principle,

What’s the Thermal line type?

The thermal Printer working principle is that Heating thermal paper to form text by thermal Printer head.

Work process such as below:


When someone click the “Print” on your pc.  The “the printed task” is send to printer by Communication Interface, such as usb,WIFI, Bluetooth etc..  After the Printer get the “Printed Task”, it will be submit to cpu of the Printer, the CPU Conversion the Text to Binary send it to thermal film of the printer head(such as “0100011000”). “0”is not heating to blank, “1” is heating to Black spot. All of the text Consists of black spot


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