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Normal appearance of pipes: 1. Smooth appearance, smooth and symmetrical. 2. Appearance color is the same.

The product surface is rough:

(1) Adjusting process temperature is usually caused by low temperature.

(2) Increasing cooling water temperature or production speed

(3) Check the waterway, whether there is blockage or uneven water pressure, resulting in rough water point or excessive water pressure cooling speed and formation.

(4) Check whether the barrel, head and other heating rings are damaged, resulting in inadequate processing temperature and rough external surface.

(5) Adjusting the inflow rate of the sizing sleeve and_the same.

(6) Consult raw material supplier, raw material parameters of this batch (melting fat size, processing temperature, etc.)

(7) Check the core temperature of the die, if it is higher than the die section temperature, raise or lower the core temperature (for rough inner wall)

(8) Cleaning the die (0.5-1CM in the die core is particularly prone to produce coke causing surface matting)

(9) Adjust the distance between the calibration sleeve and the die (the nearer the smoother, depending on the calibration sleeve pressure, polishing)

(10) Adjusting the formula is usually caused by the poor ratio of low-melt finger and high-melt finger.

2. Grooves appear on the outer surface:

(1) Adjusting the outlet pressure of the sizing sleeve, the outlet volume should be balanced, and excessive water volume is liable to cause ditches.

(2) Adjusting the nozzle angle in the vacuum setting box to make the pipe cooling uniformly

(3) Check whether there are any debris and burrs in the die, calibration sleeve, cutting machine and other hardware.

(4) When replacing raw materials, stripe-like grooves will also be made, which need to be pulled for a period of time to improve. When replacing raw materials (such as MPP for PE), it is necessary to wash the barrel with low melting point pure material about 200 KG, clean the other materials in the barrel, and then produce with formula.

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